Change and our habits!

It appears that our tendency to create New Years resolutions and plans only to then abandon them after a couple of weeks has been officially recognised and Jan 17th was Ditch New Years Resolution Day!

A lot of us make resolutions which we really know we are not going to keep, however what about the plans which we know we need to continue as they will result in improvements in our lives or health?

A friend recommended ‘The Power of Habit’ to me recently. This publication by New York Times Business reporter Charles Duhigg examines the hows and whys of change.  The book explores habits, beliefs and, an area I found particularly interesting, the importance of groups in enabling us to create and maintain new habits.

Any of us who have worked with groups of people working through change have probably seen this in action.   In my work delivering Change Programmes to people experiencing redundancy and business loss, a common theme emerging from participant feedback is the importance of engaging with, and being part of, a new group of people who wish to explore possibilities.  Time and time again participants have noted that it was so important to have developed a new routine where they had to leave their house and usual daily patterns and attend the course where the underlying approach was based on Positive Psychology and the concept of Self Responsibility.  Realising that others are sharing similar thoughts and feelings about being ‘stuck’ but willing to be challenged to think differently and view the world ‘through a different lens’ appears to allow us to have the space to be creative and more positive in our thinking.  I often quote a colleague who advises her clients to ‘Get up, Dress up and Show up!’

The challenge for many of us who are solo operators or small business owners who have to work on our own for a lot of the time is to create networks of similar minded people who are forward looking and share the self belief that change is possible.  So who you do need to ‘Show Up’ to today?  What phone call, email or face to face meeting will support you in your New Year Plans and enable you to decline the invitation to Ditch Your New Years resolutions?